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About Us

We are Fourth Ray Beauty, a brand born from the belief that your skincare should be more than a concoction of potentially harmful and harsh chemicals, more than “magic in a bottle” and free from overpriced, empty promises.

For beauty enthusiasts, Fourth Ray ignites passion and enthusiasm for beauty that is fueled by the thrill of instant results, the love of discovering, and sharing unparalleled products at an exceptional value. We proudly promote clean beauty, balanced living, and total wellness - going beyond the skin to embrace the whole being.

The Fourth Ray of light represents beauty - striving to create harmony from conflict, allowing true beauty to emerge. Our faces reflect more than the products we use; they display our mood, highlight our energy, and speak volumes about our vibe.

Fourth Ray represents freedom and flexibility, never bound by the constraints of traditional brands. We embrace the flexibility our skin needs to help it achieve balance and harmony as we move through life. And because we can all use a little extra juju in our lives, each product contains a custom crystal blend designed to help balance your energy while perfecting your skin.


We aspire to stay inspired.

Fueled by beauty enthusiasts and expert formulators with years of experience, we pride ourselves in staying innovative and inspired. What’s the latest skincare trend? What are the newest ingredients on the market? Are there any new processes to creating never-before-seen textures and formulas? We’re itching to find out!

Once an idea makes its way to our team, we instantly begin brainstorming what unique blend of ingredients we can utilize to make the idea come to life. With input from all of our cross functional teams, we carefully decide what we want a product to do, how we want it to feel, smell, look, and choose the best ingredients to do just that. From there, our lab starts cranking out trial after trial until we, as a team, feel confident that we’ve perfected our formula and it’s ready to put into your hands.

With an always growing list of thousands of raw ingredients paired with in-the-know formulators and a creative team constantly pushing the envelope, you never know what surprises Fourth Ray will throw at you.

Fourth Ray Campaign
Fourth Ray Campaign

Why Value Matters

Making the unattainable attainable.

We were inspired to discover natural ingredients from around the world that have been tested and proven to provide amazing results without causing harm to our skin. Carefully researched and hand picked from a slowly growing list, we make sure to choose ingredients that will do what they say they’ll do - not just the fluffy stuff. You no longer have to feel like “natural skincare” and “ineffective” are one in the same because we don’t believe in sacrificing quality in order to get impactful, clean, sustainable skincare - we believe you can have it all.

There was a time when clean, quality skincare was an exclusive, prestige luxury. Well, those days are over. We’re making the unattainable attainable. If you’re searching for clean beauty products that don’t harm your skin or the environment, we believe that you deserve to have it so we strive to make that possible.


It starts with skin.

Fourth Ray Beauty was born from a team of beauty enthusiasts who, over the years, uncovered the secret to getting flawless makeup. The answer - healthy, clearer skin.

We’ve all been there - trying our hardest to cover up a breakout, hide stubborn pigmentation, combat super dry or super oily skin - and we usually end up making it worse in the end or realizing that makeup (no matter how much you apply) just isn’t the solution. The honest truth is that great makeup starts with great skin and our goal is to help you in building a better canvas that allows you to confidently create on.

We’re giving you formulations tested to work WITH your makeup, not against it.


Best things in life are cruelty-free.

Last time we checked, bunnies don’t wear eye cream.

We strongly believe that testing on animals is unnecessary. In today’s industry, there are so many alternatives to animal testing to ensure that they’re safe for you to use. For us, we have our entire team of beauty junkies that are jumping at the chance to test the newest batches from our lab.

We’re making skincare for people, so we’re testing on people.

This is our promise to you

  • FSC CertifiedWe operate in an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way.
  • RecycleRecyclable
  • Cruelty Free and VeganCertified cruelty-free and vegan. We never ever test on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients.