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Face Mists

Face Mist

Revive Dehydrated Skin Anytime, Anywhere

Face Mists visibly hydrate skin with a microfine spritz to deliver skin-quenching benefits throughout the day. Apply a fresh mist to complete your skincare routine with long-lasting hydration or mist as needed. Not only used for extra hydration, face mists are also infused with powerhouse ingredients to target specific skincare concerns like dry, dull, tired, or stressed complexions. Spritz anytime, anywhere to rejuvenate your skin on the go.

Face Mists are good for all skin types


Daily: AM + PM

We Recommend:

Dew It Hydrating Face Mist


Dew It Hydrating Face Mist

Delivers ultra-hydration infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Lingonberry.

Fresh AF Face Mist


Fresh AF Face Mist

Revives and energizes complexions with White Lily, Rose Water, and Cucumber Water.

Mellow Milk Face Mist


Mellow Milk Face Mist

Helps skin chillax for a more comforted complexion with White Tea, Chamomile, and Marshmallow Root.

Glisten Up Face Mist


Glisten Up Face Mist

Delivers a subtle, hydrated glow with Vitamin C, Camu Camu, and White Tea.

Every Little Step

Face Mists are the perfect refreshing and hydrating antidote to combat dry skin all day, every day.


Use as needed throughout the day for an instant refresh or after your skincare routine to lock in moisture.

How To

Hold Face Mist 10-12 inches away from the face and spray liberally.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of adding water, spray your beauty sponge with a face mist for added hydration as you apply makeup.

Glisten Up Face Mist can be used as an alternative to a setting spray after makeup application for a glowy finish.

Keep one of the mini Face Mists from our Mist N’ Match Kit in your purse to revive and refresh skin on the go.

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