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Moisturizer Essentials

The must-have product to hydrate skin, moisturizers help to prevent dryness and plump up skin for a healthier-looking complexion. This essential step also works to help lock in performance ingredients from previously applied products in your routine like serums and face milks, plus helps to maintain moisture balance throughout the day. Depending on your skin type, both AM and PM use either a gel or cream moisturizer to leave skin supple, smooth and makeup ready.

Moisturizer is good for all skin types


Daily: AM + PM

What's Your Type:

Normal to Dry Skin

Use a facial cream to lock in mega moisture like The Daily Facial Moisturizer formulated with skin-replenishing plant-derived Squalane.

Normal to Oily Skin

For complexions on the oily side, opt for oil-free moisturizers like Good Mood Gel Moisturizer for a burst of refreshing hydration.

Combo Skin

For skin that sometimes feels dry and sometimes feels oily The Lightweight Moisturizer balances moisture levels without ever feeling heavy or greasy.

We Recommend:

Lightweight gel moisturizer

For oily skin

Good Mood

Good Mood

Gel Moisturizer

Cream moisturizer

For normal to dry skin

The Daily

The Daily

Facial Moisurizer

Every Little Step

Regular moisturizing every morning and night helps to strengthen the skin barrier and maintain hydration, leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. The next essential step after serums and optional face milks, moisturizers work to protect and lock in all the steps of your routine.


For best results, moisturize both morning and evening to keep skin hydrated.

How To

Use a dime size amount and gently pat into skin over a serum or face milk.

Next Step

Once the moisturizer is absorbed, apply your eye cream and optional face oil - and don’t forget sunscreen in the morning.

How much to use:

moisturizer: size of a blueberry

Tips & Tricks

Prevents Dryness

Weather extremes, air conditioning, and other environmental factors can strip skin of moisture. Regular moisturizing helps to replenish skin with essential hydration and reduce water loss for optimally healthy-looking skin.

Softens and Smoothes Skin

Moisturizers plump up skin with humectants like Hyaluronic Acid to give the appearance of smoother, softer skin.

Replenishes Skin

Nourishing ingredients like plant-based Squalane help to replenish skin with essential fatty acids and help increase skin elasticity for ultra-supple and healthy skin.